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Molten Sulphur Service
  • Engineering for molten-sulphur plants
  • Ball valves with steam-jacketed and fittings
  • High pressure pipes and flanges
  • Sulphur pressure - and temperature-systems
  • Molten - sulphur pumps with steam - jacketed
  • Sulphur-burner with air-spraying
  • Sulphur-burner with steam-spraying
  • Sulphur-burner with pressure-spraying
  • Sulphur-burner with rotation-sraying
Digital Valve Controller
Digital Valve Controller
The Valve Signature Display
The Valve Signature Display
Modbus and AMS ValveLink Software and
HART Multiplexers
HART communication allows you to extract more value digital valve controllers beyond their inherent improved performance. When integrated into a multiplexer network and using AMS ValveLink Software, the device and valve information is real-time. From the safety of a control room, multiple instruments can be monitored for alerts and alarms. Additionally, tasks such as configuration, calibration and diagnostic testing do not require special trips to the field. AMS ValveLink Software can communicate via Modbus to the distributed control system (DCS) to provide critical information such as valve travel alerts and alarms.
Integrated Control System-A control system with HART communication capabilities has the ability to directly gather information from Series digital valve controllers. Information such as valve travel, alerts and alarms can be seamlessly accessed to provide a view into the field device from the safety of the control room.


Non-HART Systems- Because
Series digital valve controllers operate with a traditional 4 to 20 mA control signal, they directly replace older analog instruments. Microprocessor-based electronics provide improved performance along with repeatable and reliable configuration and calibration.
Flanged end ball valve with handwheel